Sovversivi del Gusto at Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

On Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st of February 8pm heaven will open above Tunbridge Wells as the Mad Gang is coming back for more wild tasting of delicious food prepared with love by Chef Adriano Liloni, his pretty wife_and chef too_ Nadia Zampredi and Mad Baker Daniele Marziali all served with Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera great wines produced by Rino of Azienda Agricola Varaldo in Piedmont.

This is a fantastic food experience event if you would like to taste the love and the passion of these Food & Wine Artists.

Mad Baker Daniele Marziali  is coming back with a vengeance accompanied by Rino of Azienda Agricola Varaldo, a small producer of great Wines from and maybe by the presence of Adriano Liloni Chef, founder and a leading figure of the Sovversivi del Gusto Movement

La Crema Enorotica by Daniele Marziali literally translates “The Winerotic Cream” (Sangiovese Wine and Dark Chocolate cream) which might give the wrong idea… Please rest assure that this is not at all the case as it’s just a little “Play on Words”. I tried this greedy cream last year with my brasilian chef friend Mary Valeriano and he invites us to use our fingers to taste it…

This is one of Daniele’s creation made like all his products with love and passion which are two of the main ingredients Daniele’s uses.

For his Winerotic Cream Daniele sourced the best dark chocolate, particular hazelnut from Piedmont and of course only the best Sangiovese di Romagna. The end result when you taste the cream is a fantastic concert of sensations and emotions that together with Daniele’s words will transport you wherever you want to go….

The menus

Friday 31st January

Hot & Cold Traditional Max & Molly’s Antipasto;

Adriano Liloni’s Spisiga (Tagliatelle with Prawn, Crispy pancetta and a pistacchio cream;

Max’s Venison, potato & rosemary stew

Daniele’s Live Show Ciambella making


Daniele’s ciambella with his famous “Gnocchella” chocolate cream served from his sac a pouche….

wines from Varaldo Winery presented by Rino Varaldo; Barbera, Lanche Nebbiolo, Langhe Fantasia 4.20, Barolo, Barbaresco

Saturday 1st February

Max & Molly’s hot & cold antipasto

Adriano Liloni’s “Pasta e Fagioli” Borlotti beans stew with paccheri and chestnut;

Max’s roasted stuffed squash;

Daniel’s live show ciambella making


Daniele’s ciambella witth his famous “Gnocchella” chocolate cream.

Wines from Varaldo Winery presented by Rino Varaldo, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Fantasia 4.20, Barolo, Barbaresco.

It will be a great, exciting, fun experience of taste: don’t miss it!!!!

Max’s Genuine Italian Food

3B Monson Road

Tunbridge Wells


Tel 01892615665

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  1. don’t forget please the really chef Nadia Zampedri, my unconsolable wife!

    1. Thanks for You advice. I Will put Her in You English adventure

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